Joyce Zhao

Joyce is the founder of Cadence HR Consulting and CareerStar International. Joyce has a wealth of business and human resource experiences working with small to large enterprises.

Through the years, through working closely with human resource challenges with the hundreds of corporate clients, often directly with the business owners themselves, Joyce has come across and advised on an extraordinarily broad range of HR issues. Joyce is well looked up by many of her peers and associate, and her outlook and opinions are often sort after by many business owners and corporate senior managements.

Through both Cadence HR Consulting and CareerStar International, Joyce hope to be able to become the catalyst to many small and large businesses to help strengthen their human resource, as well as their HR practices, that she believes form the prerequisite basis for business growth.


Kong Kim Kok, PhD

Our engineering trained techie, who at the same time comes with years of business management experiences.

KK has the diverse working exposures ranging from R&D, academia, civil service, technology, engineering, logistics, oil & gas, mining, renewable energy, international trade, listed company matters, regulatory and regional business operational as well as financing issues. Those experiences, coupled with his years of managing day-to-day business challenges provide us an added dimension of our advisory services that are at the same time valuable and relevant at many levels of corporate decision making.