HR as a Strategy or Culture

HaaS: HR as a Strategy. Similarly, HaaC, HR as a Culture.

Now, how is that relevant to businesses?

For starters, let’s have a quick look at what makes a “good” company:

  • quality products
  • quality services
  • products/services designed to meet market needs/wants
  • satisfied customers
  • company with efficient and effective internal processes
  • good branding
  • effective use of technology
  • well managed company
  • company with well thought out growth strategy/plan and followed through with discipline
  • business developments that match strengths and markets
  • company with happy staffs

Whatever your measure of “good” consists of, most of the above, or all of the above listed should apply.

At this point, you may already see where I am going with this. Yes, that’s right, all the above listed depend largely on your people – actually, they depend largely on your good people. Good, being the key attribute here.

You need good people in your organisations. The more, the better your potential. Don’t think that needs much illustrating! Nevertheless, let’s dwell on this a bit more to allow that to sink in – hopefully, sink into the deep treasury of our long term memory. How else would it have a chance of becoming a culture thing, right?

Machines and technology can only help with production of quality products for instance, but machines still need people too to ensure they are configured to function properly, function regularly, function repeatedly without frequent breakdowns. Your good operators, your good maintenance crews, your good production managers, they are the ones who can make sure you get your product quality. Not just the machines by themselves.

Ditto your product designs. Your good product designers – the persons – make them fit the market needs, fit the market wants.

Ditto your services. Your customer satisfaction. Your efficient internal processes. And so on. People ensures all that happen. Good people ensures all that happen in the ways that can help drive your company forward.

Quality, efficiencies, and good designs do not randomly fall into place. No, they don’t. Really. They are there only because some persons are there who make sure every single detail is taken care of and done according to some well thought out processes.

Your people is what drives your quality, your efficiencies, your branding, your processes, and ultimately, your growth.

HR as a Strategy (or HR as a Culture) means a constant focus on elevating and sustaining the quality of your team, the training of your staff, the job and career satisfaction of your people. It should be a constant focus for organisations to keep its good people well trained, and keep its people good and happy.

Your people is not only the foundation of your organisation, they are the driver for your growth potential. That itself, is worthy of constant reminder.

K.K. Kong


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