Our Client The Employer

An unassuming bakery of over 30 years history, with exquisite creations of decadence cakes for all celebrations and occasions.

Job Title

Sales and Marketing Executive

Position Responsibilities

  • Maintain and develop sales activities in terms of various market segments such as; Retail Sales, Online Sales, Festive Sales, Wedding Sales and Corporate Sales so as to achieve progressive higher sales volumes for the group
  • Handle day-to-day sales dealings, queries, proposals, account servicing and customer’s feedback
  • Incorporate creative ways to develop marketing, promotion, event, and collaboration initiatives to expand our market exposure and community responsibilities
  • Explore new packaging ideas and packaging designs constantly to ensure relevancy
  • Manage Public Relations and build rapport with various Media partners to develop brand and marketing exposure
  • Handle content management of company’s online profile, including website, Facebook and Instagram
  • Explore digital marketing effort to increase market shares and exposure
  • Challenge production team with new and innovative flavours and products to ensure we are always ahead of the others
  • Manage events, special projects and various initiatives to improve market competitiveness & positioning

Position Requirements

  • Proficient in Microsoft Office is a must
  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision
  • Ability to be a team player with various department
  • Ability to prioritise tasks and manage time effectively
  • Pleasant, mature, meticulous with good interpersonal skills, and able to communicate effectively in both English and Mandarin

Passion for food trends, and entrepreneurship, will be a great advantage

Primary Work Location

  • Singapore AMK

Published date: 26 April 2018

Position Status: Open

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